Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce LIVE2LEAD

Want to make connections with other local influencers while building your own leadership prowess? Live2Lead is a half-day leadership development experience designed to equip you with new perspectives and connections, practical tools, and key takeaways to reignite professional passion. Live2Lead will take place on February 28 from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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Microsoft Cybersecurity Scholarship Program

MICROSOFT CYBERSECURITY SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM POWERED BY LAST MILE EDUCATION FUND Are you a faculty member or community member who would like to recommend a cybersecurity student? Please click here. Download a flyer to share with interested students. The US has a cybersecurity workforce shortage of nearly 500,000 trained professionals, yet only 3% of US

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CTA Consultants Sponsors Web Development for Jubilee

GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITY Innovate Lynchburg is made up of businesses that are focused on giving back.  A project came to our board just recently from the Jubilee Family Center to help with their website. Jubilee was founded in 1999 in response to the community’s overwhelming need for a program that would target

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Microsoft Teams Integration with LMS

To manage an online classroom, educators need a set of tools that work well together to enable them to help them teach as effectively as they would in person. A lot of educators out there already use learning management systems (LMS) to distribute and accept class assignments. With so many schools and universities moving

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