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Privacy Policy

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This is the website privacy policy for www.innovatelynchburg.com, which is the website of Innovate Lynchburg | The Technology Council for Central Virginia, a 501(c)(6) non-profit partnership. This policy applies solely to information collected by this website.

The website is designed to support and enable Innovate Lynchburg’s overall mission to provide the Lynchburg Region with technology education, quality jobs, economic growth, broad-based prosperity and a sustainable quality of life. The site is designed to be a:

Branding and marketing tool for promoting the technology and business side of the Lynchburg region;
Repository of vital economic information about the Lynchburg region; and
Portal to regional economic development partners
This website is designed and managed by the marketing and communications team of the Partnership.

For questions concerning this site and the privacy policy, contact the Partnership at:

Innovate Lynchburg
Marketing & Communications
300 Lucado Place
Lynchburg, VA 24502

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Information Collection and Use

The Partnership is the owner of any information collected from your use of the website. We may use the information to contact you, but we do not provide this information to third parties. We may forward information gathered from the website to another economic development organization at the local or regional level if you direct us to do so.


Through the website, you may register your contact information, including personally identifiable information, with the Partnership. By registering your contact information, you are agreeing to allow the Partnership to send you correspondence. From time to time, the Partnership may use this personal information to track your use of the website. Do not provide your personally identifiable information to the Partnership if you do not want to receive correspondence from the Partnership or you do not want the Partnership to track your use of the website.

The Partnership may, at its discretion, distribute marketing materials to individuals or organizations who have been identified from outside sources, such as: direct mail lists; independent research; association directories; magazine subscriber lists; trade shows; and face-to-face meetings.

Opting out of Partnership Correspondence

Unless you ask us not to, the Partnership may send you correspondence about events, news, business opportunities, site updates, and/or publications available for distribution.

You may remove yourself from the distribution list associated with a piece of correspondence by clicking the “unsubscribe from the list” option on that piece of correspondence.

You may opt-out of future correspondence from the Partnership altogether by: (a) sending an e-mail request to wmuse@grpva.com or (b) mailing the request to: Innovate Lynchburg Marketing & Communications, 300 Lucado Place, Lynchburg, Va. 24502. In the request, you must specify which communications to remove, such as: mail, e-mail, phone calls, newsletters or ALL.

Use of Cookies

Like most websites, we use cookies to record non-personal information about your visit. Cookies do not contain personal information. Cookies are used for systems administration purposes, tracking potential abuse of our website, and to provide better service when you return. We may use cookies to help personalize visits and improve the website. Cookies also help us understand traffic flow on the website. We may provide statistics about our website traffic to a reputable third party, but these statistics do not contain personal information.

Financial Data Security

We care about the security of your electronic financial data, but the Partnership is not responsible for maintaining your financial data if you provide any. From the website, you may use your credit card to pay for and register yourself for events.
Links to Third-Party Websites

Our website includes links to other sites. Innovate Lynchburg is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of linked websites. Our website privacy policy does not apply to any external links. Read the privacy policy of any site you link to from ours, especially if you share any personal information.


We may change our website privacy policy from time to time. All updates will be posted on this page.

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