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Code of Conduct

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Non-members are welcome at many Innovate Lynchburg events, but are expected to abide by the Innovate Lynchburg code of conduct. This is to ensure that our members feel comfortable and encourage an energetic, cooperative environment.

Informal networks are an important part of every technology community for peer support, mentoring, sharing of best practices, and building relationships. Therefore, most Innovate Lynchburg events will include time for networking and it’s important that our members and attendees feel comfortable at these events. We therefore discourage the following activity:

  • Solicitation at Events – Every successful technology firm will agree that it is important to have strong relationships with their supply chain, service providers and other partners. The Innovate Lynchburg is a great place to build long-term relationships with and learn more about the local technology community, but our members generally do not want to be “pitched” or “sold to” at Innovate Lynchburg events.
  • Email, SPAM, and Unsolicited Calls – Along the same lines, unless otherwise agreed upon or invited to do so, please refrain from spamming, blind-copy emailing Innovate Lynchburg attendees/members, and other forms of phone or email solicitation.

Anyone that does not comply with the spirit of this code of conduct may be asked to leave an event and/or may be not be welcome at future Innovate Lynchburg events. If that person is a member of the Innovate Lynchburg, his/her membership and membership dues may be forfeited as well.

The Innovate Lynchburg is a member-funded organization. So, if you find value in what we are doing and/or you enjoy attending our events, we encourage you to become a member. If you want to get exposure for your company or brand with the Innovate Lynchburg membership, consider sponsoring a Innovate Lynchburg event. A large percentage of the Innovate Lynchburg’s annual budget is provided by a relatively small group of annual sponsors and event sponsors. That’s how we keep our member rates so low.

We encourage the following:

  • Learn more about the region’s technology community
  • Become a member of the Innovate Lynchburg and support our efforts
  • Even better, become a sponsor of the Innovate Lynchburg
  • Spread the word about the Innovate Lynchburg
  • Encourage local technology firms to become a member

Please understand that these guidelines are to ensure that the Innovate Lynchburg remains a strong organization for the region’s emerging technology community and we welcome those that want to support or contribute to our mission.

Thank you,
The Innovate Lynchburg Board of Directors

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