The FBI has issued a warning about a new scam that has con-artists convincing innocent victims to hand over millions of dollars.

The new scam follows familiar patterns as it begins with a robocall but this time the scammers are claiming to the FBI itself. Supervisory Special Agent Josh Morrill says the con artist contacted a Missouri woman and claimed her social security number and identity had been stolen. They told her to transfer $100,000 to them for safekeeping.

“St. Louis resident received a telephone call, and that telephone call was from some people claiming to be with the FBI,” said Agent Morrill. “The scammers were able to convince her to ultimately wire her life savings to a bank account.”

Victims of phone and internet scams can reach out to the FBI’s internet crime complaint center at ic3.gov. The FBI says time is of the essence, the sooner authorities are contacted the more likely it is they can recover the money.

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